Friday, June 18, 2010

{mini} pizza

It has been so much fun doing a {mini} week. I think I have become a bit obsessed. There are so many more fun things to do with little things! Oh well. :)

YAY! It's Friday! Generally speaking, that means pizza night at the Pearson Home. We love it. The kids love it. Friends love it. It is perfect, because if somebody doesn't like something, it doesn't have to be piled on top.

Well, sometimes it is NOT convenient to make the dough or to get out the Roulpat and rolling pin even if you cheated and bought dough from Trader Joes or your local Pizza shop.

SOOO, we are going to do it the easy, no mess way, okay?

Here is what you need:
English muffins {without HFCS, PLEASE!}
Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce
Shredded cheese...I am using leftover cheese and olives from taco night when the kids shredded lotsa cheese....
and whatever toppings you wish for!

Here is what you do:

Split English muffins
Place on SILPAT
Top with sauce and spread with spoon
Cover with cheese
Garnish with toppings

Bake at 425 for at least 10 minutes or until nice and toasty and golden brown.

Easy Menu:
Mini Pizza
Carrot and celery sticks and apples
Hanes or HOT LIPS SODA's Friday! You all deserve a little treat.

P.S. This is fun for little ones. They can have a lot of fun making faces with olives, cut pepperoni etc. They love to help and they are more apt to eat it when they "make their own". It is awesome to teach them to think of others as well. Maybe they can make one for YOU. Imagine how proud they will be to know you are liking something they made just for YOU.

NEXT WEEK: Chores 4 Children and summer routine ideas {thank you, Michelle and Carolyn for the gentle reminders.} Be thinking so you can share YOUR ideas. I'm tired of my own!

Happy Friday! xoxo


  1. i am loving these series!!! can't wait for next week. i always want ideas. as far as pizza dough, i always cheat with traders dough. so good and so cheap. we buy in bulk and freeze. this post made me hungry =)

    (candace, on my mom's acct)

  2. oh, i <3 the mini's! the mini pizza is my fave, for sure. love the english muffin part! what's HFCS, tho? (btw, i love that starbucks now has mini vanilla scones. tastey!)

  3. Candace-glad you are liking the series. :)
    Carrie-HFCS=High Fructose Corn Syrup=bad :)