Sunday, June 6, 2010

LIVING {without perfectionism}

We ALL know who Martha Stewart is. I love her and I love how she does things. However, I have to remind myself that she has a lot of help and even whole teams working on the simplest of projects. She has a complete warehouse of props...the list goes on. Weather you know who she is, aspire to be like her, or just get discouraged watching her show {I don't even watch it anymore}there is something I want to "chat" about.

As I have been getting e-mails and reading a few blogs, I get the general idea that we are all trying to be perfect. Me included. I love a clean house and I adore clean sheet Monday. I look forward to making meals for my family and enjoy taking meals to friends. An organized fridge puts a smile on my face, and the feeling of a weed-free lawn and power-washed deck are almost too good to be true!

As I was getting our home ready for our daughter's graduation Open House, I decided there were a few things I wanted to be PERFECT, but I wanted to do an experiment and just let some things go {to see if I would actually still be alive and well to document how shock therapy went!} Obviously, it DID NOT kill me to let some things slide on by! Here is my list of things that did not get done {for those who are still reading} siding and paint on the house, landscaping, power-washing {hubby started and ended up having to take our graduate to the DR}, heaps of laundry, party favors, mini banana cream puddings, Fresh whipped cream, homemade brownies, lemon ice rings for the punch etc. etc.

I know my list was long, but we were seriously going to have it all done. Life happens and priorities change and I am glad. It was waaay more important to enjoy our time with our family and friends and to not be a complete control freak. I delegated, let friends help, let my son do a whole lot...the way he wanted to help without micro-managing and it was memorable and sweet!

I am not saying to get all sloppy and care free, but to set limits and to have realistic expectations and goals is so freeing. It IS LIVING.

I thought I would challenge each one of you to let ONE thing go this week. If your child is asking you to join in puddle it! Maybe a friend needs to drop by for a few minutes when it isn't convenient, maybe that fancy dinner needs to wait and quesadillas need to be had, maybe you are already practicing this and you can give me advice. I am going to post my imperfect pictures and the pretty ones, too. The table,decorations and food were kept relatively simple. Things were all able to be made up ahead of time. It was the little details and our amazing family and friends that made this day a special day we will always remember.

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  1. LOVE this post!! It seriously is really hard to let those "little" things go sometimes, isn't it? But, you're will NOT kill us! Lol. I love how transparent and open you are being with all of this. It's good for us as women to remind one another of these important things. I know we like to bless our families with the fancy dinners, but yeah, sometimes you need to chuck the plans and go splash in puddles. I think my son will remember those things a lot more than what we had for dinner! Haha : ) You are so sweet, and I love following your blog. Thank you for your love and kindness. You are a blessing to us! Happy Monday, friend. Blessings!