Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduation Open House {Simple Decorations}

My favorite FIRST: Laurissa at 4 months! Isn't she cute?!

Our son with friends

Scott and I with Laurissa

Simple gifts for Laurissa's friends...we used leftover pink tags and stamped them

A paper banner with ribbon. Numbers printed with our favorite font

Gratitude and posies were the "theme"

Posies were made with scrap paper. I didn't have white brads at 4 AM, so I used fingernail polish to paint them. I used floral foam to keep them upright while I painted them and waited for them to dry. It sure beats the nasty gold color!

Simple centerpiece! Potted flowers from Fred Meyer

Target pails from the dollar section. If you buy white, you can change the color scheme with a simple piece of ribbon to go along with your theme

We needed the baskets from the nooks for graduation cards, so I was left with two empty shelves in the island. I filled two mixing bowls with peonies from our yard and we had one more little touch to carry our theme...for free!


  1. Lookin good! And my favorite is the bowl w/ garden flowers!! : )

  2. Everything looks so beautiful and creative! What a great graduation party!!

  3. How pretty : ) She is blessed to have such a loving mommy! Oh, and the gratitude/posies theme was adorable. Happy graduation to your daughter!

  4. She was reading MY blog?! Oh my goodness, that blesses me so much! Thank you for sharing that with me : ). It made me tear up! I am just loving this blog thing, aren't you? It's so nice to have these kind of connections with people. Talk to you soon. Goodnight <3

  5. Beautiful Things, including your sons. Congrats on the graduation. You've done what most are striving to do. Keri a.k.a. Sam