Thursday, June 10, 2010

Being Still and Knowing GOD IS GOD

I promise this is the last of graduation stuff.

I have to admit the last couple of days have been an adjustment.

Hubby was gone for his 24 hr. shift, Rissy was on her senior trip and Caleb went to Sunriver with his Poppi to watch the new hot tub be delivered. Even though he is 16, the boy never tires of a roadtrip with his buddy! {Scott's DAD}

We went from major busyness and our home being filled to the brim with lots and lots of hub-bub to nothing. I know for some of you that sounds like heaven on earth, but it isn't for me AT ALL.

I have had time to be still and to really put this next chapter of my life into God's ever loving hands...not to mention NEEDING to trust Him even more with the lives my growing children. How sweet to know, though that they are even more precious to Him than they are to me. After all, they are His. So grateful He has entrusted them to us and I am BLESSED to have them.. They fill our home with noise, love, fun, rough times, memorable times, tears, late night , early mornings, fireside chats, etc. ,but the times I enjoy most are the times we have to pray together...all of us in our King -SIZED bed {with lots of pillows and a little doggie!} trusting God to take care of us and the ones we hold dear to our hearts and for those we don't even know who are struggling.

So when you are longing for a little peace and quiet...know that it will be here sooner than you think and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the time you have to teach your children of God's goodness while they still like to jump in your bed and learn what it means for their little hearts to trust in a very mighty GOD.

Tonight, I am looking forward to "Being still and knowing that God IS God" with my bed filled with kids, kisses, hugs and NOISE!

Pictures taken by Rob Buster! Thank you for the pictures and for your family's friendship!

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  1. I' am thankful I came across your blog. You are very sweet and your post really touched me. I have a son who has graduated and is now married!!

  2. "How sweet to know, though that they are even more precious to Him than they are to me." What beautiful encouragement and support for mothers! I'm not there yet, but if I ever am, I have a feeling your words will really stick with me...