Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Picnic! {Part One} oops! Forgot to re-post after corrections were made!




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With Spring comes the anticipation of picnics. Lots of them. Wheather it be dining on the bleachers at a ball game or a Sunday afternoon picnic with friends at a park. Packing a picnic can be a great alternative to purchasing pricey, un-healthy food at your favorite local drive-through.

My friend Penny asked me if I had any ideas for easy "pack up and go meals" to eat at the ball park. I thought that since I had been talking about taking meals this week, this would be the perfect time to "chat" about portable lunches/dinners. I am sure you have way more ideas than me , sure to add your ideas and thoughts that work for you.

As mentioned before, I keep a stash of basic containers on hand because the LAST thing I want to do when I get home is to clean a bunch of containers-with the exception of a few glass containers and occasional utensils that can be loaded into the dishwasher.

Depending on what we are having, I pack everything into a sturdy bag or a portable cooler on wheels {COSTCO usually carries these every Spring}.

Everything is packed so it doesn't spill or stain. Be sure to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.

Everybody gets their own container with their "main dish" or their sandwich, unless it is potluck-style where there is a picnic table to put out a large container for everyone to help themselves.

Sometimes I label the containers with the individuals name. This is helpful for those who are picky. Instead of specifying no mayo, no pickles, no meat etc. :)

I used to have such a hard time not having dinner all together at home @ 5:00 sharp every evening. It just threw me for a loop! Once I stopped pouting and decided I could make it fun, it has just been THAT...lots of exciting meals away from home and lots of memories with friends and family.

Here are some menu ideas:

Caesar salad with leftover BBQ chicken-box container
dressing-condiment container
rolls with butter-cookie bag
brownie-cookie bag

cornbread muffin-cookie bag
tortilla chips-cookie bag
applesauce with cinnamon sugar-glass container

chopped salad-box container
dressing-condiment container
focaccia bread-cookie bag

tunafish sandwiches-cookie bag
pita chips-cookie bag
monster cookies-cookie bag

ginger ale
Asian rice/noodle bowl-large Chinese take-out box
molasses cookies

pasta salad-large Chinese take-out box
mini focaccia loaves-cookie bag
mini cupcakes-mini Chinese take-out box

Italian Sodas-disposable cup with lid and straw in drink carrier
Turkey wraps in Lovash-wrapped in wax paper and put in box container
chips-cookie bag
apple slices-cookie bag

BBQ beef sandwiches-wrapped in wax paper and put into box container
potato salad-mini Chinese take out
carrot/celery sticks-small cup with lid
ranch dressing-condiment container
oatmeal cookies-cookie bag

strawberry lemonade-disposable cup with lid and straw
taco salad-box container
salsa and sour cream-condiment container
pineapple slices


  1. Very helpful ideas!

    I love the photos, especially the house. Wouldn't I love to live in a place like that? :)

  2. Lisa, I forgot to tell you that I used Picasa and did a collage like you. Thanks for the advice. I posted it on thursday's post with the cactus.

  3. very helpful thank you... love all the follower!!looking forward to comming back(:

  4. forgot to say just love the name of your blog(: