Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senior Parent Dinner

I am not quite sure who came up with this AMAZING idea, but I think it is worth passing on!

It has become a tradition at the school where our children attend that every year, the parents and their senior have a special dinner out. I know it sounds like just one more "thing" to do, but it was so NICE!

We all met for dinner on the waterfront and enjoyed the evening talking with other parents and feeling blessed that our children all get along so well and that they will be friends into their college years!

The SENIORS all sat together at one big, long table and the parents sat in small groups at tables around them.

At the end of the evening we listened to their plans and some of their school memories. OH.WHAT.FUN. they have had together!

Happy Thursday!


  1. love the picture of Laurissa picking you up! wow these days must be very sentimental!

  2. Penny, yes the days are...trying to enjoy every minute of it! It is just going way too fast!