Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HOME is...Aprons

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my friend Carolyn wearing my apron and copying down a recipe!

In my life {of 40+ years} I have been blessed in so many ways.

I have always had a best friend {my twinsie},always had parents who love me and support me, and my own family that I absolutely ADORE!

Some of my earliest memories are of our cheery yellow kitchen and my moms aprons.

Whenever we would help in the kitchen we would wash our hands and put on an apron. It was second nature.

I remember putting my mom's apron on when I was in the third grade. I followed my very first recipe all by myself. The moment I opened the door and pulled out the freshly baked loaf of banana nut bread was sheer wonder and excitement! I couldn't wait to share it with my family at dinner that night. It was a feeling of accomplishment.

Have you ever wondered what it is about aprons that make them so endearing? I know some are beautiful, some are cute, there are those that are funny and others are almost as fancy as a prom dress {NOT REALLY!}.

I don't think it is the apron itself, but the act of nurturing the family and creating an atmosphere of caring for others that is associated with wearing an apron.

To me there is still something special about going to my Momma's house and seeing her open the front door with her apron on. It is the very first hint that she is working on something special for her family...in the kitchen!

Not too long ago, my week was extremely busy and my friend called to get together. I knew I wasn't going to be able to sit still long enough to sip on a steamer while we chatted about everything under the sun, sooo, since baking is always at the top of the list and laundry is at the very bottom, I invited Carolyn over to do Easter baking together.

I met her at the door with my apron on. She walked in with her coffee, washed her hands and put on one of my aprons and we got to work. Since I am the bossy one, I just told her what to do and we had more fun than we should be allowed to have. We made Banana Italian Cream Sodas and Lemon Poppyseed Bread...and it was way better than baking alone with the sounds of Norah Jones and Michael Buble in the background. Not only did we get to cross baking off of the to-do list, but we made one more memory to be able to reminisce about when all we have to do when we are in our 90's is to sit on the front porch sipping our lemonade...I mean Banana Cream Sodas...remembering how we took care of our families in the "good old days". I love you, Carolyn!

Today I am linking to the Reluctant Entertainer. You will have to take a look at what others have written about Aprons.


  1. Oh, I want to meet Carolyn ... and YOU!

    Thanks so much for linking up today at RE!


  2. Now that sounds like a very lovely time together. Not to mention that Lemon Poppyseed anything is a favorite of mine!

    Becky K
    Hospitality Lane

  3. Sandy, I want to meet you, too. As far as meeting Carolyn, well,...you would pretty much laugh and get nothing done unless you decided to boss her around. That is why I love her...she is a very fun friend through thick and thin!

  4. wow those sound so wonderful! What a fun day it probably was.

  5. Lisa,

    I am a huge apron fan and practically live in one - weather it is the kitchen, the garden or just putzing (is that how you spell it) around the house. I have quite a collection. My friends have jokingly told me I have one to go with every outfit. There have been many times when my children have had to remind me to remove my apron before getting out of the car. I put my coat right on over it! I have started picking up vintage aprons at estate sales and love them. I also love making my own.

  6. This was so sweet...what fun! Nothing like a wonderful friend! :)

  7. I love it when friends come over with coffee, and to help you bake! It sounds like a perfect day!

  8. Oh my sweet friend!! You made me cry...a happy cry. It was such a great time...baking and you bossing me around. (And Laurissa coming in at the end.) I love coming over and love how you just always have everything just so...just so lovely. Sitting at your island in your warm, sunny kitchen just melts my cares away. I feel almost guilty for what I get out of our outings. I always walk away thinking...Hmmmmm....another bit of bliss to add to my bliss box. I'm sure when we are 90...darn, you will only be 86....we will be arguing over whether the refreshment that day was bananana or mango or some other exotic fruit. Then we will both forget what all the fuss was about and put on our aprons and take out our mixing bowls and you will start your bossing me around:) I'll protest just for sport, but the Good Lord knows that I need you to boss me around here and there. When you turn around to reach into the icebox to get the eggs for our recipe I will smile the biggest smile as I listen to you reminding me not to just dump everything into the bowl all at once. Then I'll do what I always do when we spend time together....tuck a little more bliss away!! I love you friend. Carolyn