Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's Picnic! {part two}

Since I got more than one e-mail wondering who else carries the containers I had mentioned in the picnic post, I decided to follow up with a second post.

Garnish carries a large selection of containers that you will LOVE! You wont even have to leave the comfort of your own home at o-dark-thirty to head out to Cash and Carry hoping the whole drive over that all of the solid white containers are not gone {AGAIN!} and to be left with the containers that still have their original "SWOOSHY" design that was all the rage in the 70's. Who knows?! I personally am in love with white, because even if you don't embelish it, it still looks classy!

If you don't purchase the products, I can gurantee you will be on the lookout for produce etc. that comes in these fancy little packages! You will become a Treasure Hunter in your own right! Just dont't drive to the GOLDEN ARCHES and park your little self by the trash bin and ask people for their drink carriers, leftover napkins, ketchup packages and straws...oh and the adorable condiment containers. I'm just saying.

However, there is NOTHING wrong with asking your family and friends to save their packaging for you, though.

Now that business is taken care of here are some things I love to use:

COOKIE BAGS: great for cookies, bars, chips, some veggies etc.

DELI CONTAINER: Great for extra soup, apple slices, veggie slices, BBQ beef, ice cream

CONDIMENT CONTAINER: So nice for Ketchup, mustard, mayo, salad dressing, salsa, sour cream

SOUP CONTAINER: Can be used for packing soup, ice cream, cobbler, pasta salad, trifle etc.

PRODUCE CONTAINER: Fun to package a sandwich a lunch in. Think of it as a lunchbox. {No time? Go buy a bag of french fries, bake 'em. Line the container with wax paper or a paper towel, put the fries in it along with a condiment container with ketchup and let your little athlete have a snack on the way to the game!}

BOX CONTAINER: This is awesome for everything! I even take gifts in these boxes!

P.S. These containers are amazing for picnics, but I use them for taking meals to people as well. The recipient of a delivered meal will not only be grateful for a night of no dishes, but I am pretty sure the happy dance will be taking place when it comes to having one less 9x13 in the back of the car to return!

All Photos courtsey of GARNISH


  1. Thanks for sharing the garnish blog! I think I am in love...which then sent me to another blog that I had to mark. But you know I am too cheap to pay $1 a box for those white boxes. I'm going to get some other things though. I may have to pay you for shipping to pack in a bunch for me from C and C.

  2. Penny, just let me know! I have some containers on special order. They are so nice to order things if they are able to find them through the company!