Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home is...Finding a Bargain!

I am completely sentimental by nature. I just can't help it. Especially these days with a daughter graduating from highschool!

If I had to choose between old dishes or new dishes I would pick old. There is just something about using older dishes that have chips, dings and scratches. They are most likely there because they have been used.

I inherited my Grandma's old VERNONWARE mixing bowls awhile ago, and I love to get them all out on baking day and use each one of them for something. It is fun thinking about the things she would make in them for my Dad when he was young.

A couple of weeks ago my hubby and I went out for a date to have an early lunch at the Portland Food Carts {we loved the NATIVE BOWL}. After dining alfresco under the canopy, we shopped at PORCHLIGHT...our favorite old time shop.

There, nestled away in an old hutch was a tiny glass cream and sugar set complete with a little serving tray. My hubby assured me it was too adorable to pass up and that it was a bargain, too!

I think that old dishes make any house feel more like a home. It adds a bit of sentiment and history. And who doesn't love having things in their home with a story for conversation purposes.

This one of a kind find is now at the top of my favorites list and I am saving the tippy, tippy top favorite for the fun memory with my hubby. Best of all I will think of our fun day together every time I enjoy a cup of tea with cream and sugar.

{Thank you, honey for the sweet gift!}

Today I am linking up to Reluctant Entertainer. Hope you get a chance to see what bargains others have found. Thank you, Sandy for the fun topics!


  1. My favorite part is that it's linked to a sweet memory with your husband!!

  2. I always wonder the history behind old stuff -- you know, the story!

    Fun post! It's great your hubby understands a bargain, too!

    Thanks for linking up today at RE!

  3. What a great post! A wonderful date with your hubby and a bargain find!!

  4. Great and the tray an added bonus. I love sugar and creamers! You can use them for so many other things.