Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Use your "PRETTIES"

Okay, this is going to be a tough one! Take a big 'ole deep breath! It is going to be alright.

How many of you remember going to a friend's house when you were younger and feeling like someone had just died? You went over to play and the "good" couches were covered with sheets, the lamps were still shrink wrapped in plastic(MAJOR FIRE HAZARD! :) ), the drapes were drawn to save the covered couch??? you had to play in the basement so nothing would get broken...except an arm from slipping on the cement...and about half-way through your play date... in solitary confinement, you mentioned you were a bit hungry...so you went up to the off-limits Kitchen to get a snack and were given a bathroom Dixie cup with KOOL AID and a paper plate with stale chips...okay, not REALLY, but who are you saving your BEST for? Pretty sure none of us are expecting any dignitaries anytime soon...

So,give your best to those around you TODAY. Set the table with a tablecloth and your favorite dishes...that may not have even ever been used...get dressed up when your loved ones come home and smile when they ask you where you are going...blow off the dust on the candles and light them even if you are having leftovers...show them that they are more dear to you than anybody else in the world...treat them like they are Gold...REMEMBER I AM DOING THIS, too.

Last year my mom showed me the sweetest picture. I think it was taken on our first birthday. It was a homemade cake on a beautiful GLASS cake stand that was given to my parents as a wedding gift. She used her "PRETTIES" all of the time. It made us feel even more special in knowing that we were worth it. We learned to appreciate the little things and we also learned that the celebrating happens everyday with those around you.

If the plate does get chipped or the tablecloth gets stained, just think you will always have the memory of your special evening...loving and showing your dear ones that they are well worth the effort...don't forget your bright red lipstick and pearls!

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  1. OH yes! I totally agree. Sometimes the dinners that are not even an event are fun with the "good stuff". Makes an everyday dinner special for no reason at all. Those are the best. Thanks for sharing Lisa, love your encouragement!