Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Laur!

Do you think from the moment we were conceived that we "knew" we would be best friends for life? It is an incredible thought! Just think, we have known each other longer than anybody else will ever be able to...not very many people can say that. What a privilege to be brought into the world with an instant best friend.

I think it is AMAZING! I know that God knew that you were exactly what I would need in this life...a twin...and an identical twin at that. How very perfect.

You were my very first birthday gift, Laur, and are one of my most cherished gifts I have ever received.

Whenever I hear your voice, it brings comfort and calm. You are the dearest of friends. You forgive, you have offered hope when I couldn't grasp it, you love me at my worst and best...absolutely unconditionally. You are always happy for me even when you are hurting. You pray with me and show me what it means to have mercy for others.

When we were little, people used to always ask us if we liked being twins. Back then, I never understood what they meant. All these years later, I think I know EXACTLY what they meant. I don't think they could understand how two different people could enjoy getting called the wrong name, getting in trouble for something they didn't do and boy oh boy do we know the list goes on! I still love being your twin and in my book there are NO disadvantages.

Laur, you have always had a cheerful, gentle spirit. It doesn't matter if you are right next to me or if you are on a different continent. If I was reading a letter from you, talking to you on the phone or whispering late into the night with you, your voice is a sweet echo from your heart.

I hold dear our childhood days of baby dolls, puppets, Chinese jump rope for hours on end, roller skating, spring picnics and hikes to our "TABLELAND", camping and biking in Holland, Chinese food, museums, castles, piano lessons, Grandma Metko's hide-a-bed, boyfriends, plane rides, berry picking, and graduation...then
...weddings, babies, toddlers, teenagers...

I have never faced the hardships you have experienced, but the example you have been to me is one of courage and strength. You have taught me that no matter what happens in this life we can not rely on ourselves as much as we think we can... but our trust has to be in God.

Tonight, as I try to squeeze this little birthday letter in, there are so many things I wanted to write and reminisce about, but I guess it all comes down to this, my sweet twin: my heart is bursting with thankfulness that God gave me a very tangible way of understanding His love toward me through you. I love you and am thankful I have had you in my life...from the VERY beginning.

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