Monday, December 14, 2009

white paper packages tied up with string...




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I helped my father-in-law with a project. He had purchased gift certificates for gifts and asked me if I had any ideas on how to dress them up a little. I love getting asked to help out with projects because I don't feel guilty about waisting my time on crafts that really serve no purpose... :). So, again, using mostly what I had on hand, I crafted away. Oh what fun it was! I improvised on the envelopes, since I didn't have the right size...I didn't take into consideration how thick the gift certificates would be once they were stacked, but they turned out fine. I know most of my gifts look the same, but not one person will be getting duplicates, so I am using up what I have before I go with another color scheme and style! Hope everybody had a good weekend!

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