Monday, December 7, 2009


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OH.MY! How many times have I told myself to PAY attention when I am turning on the stove burners? Seriously! I have melted spatulas, craft projects, a cooler lid, my Tupperware Thatsa Bowl etc. I guess that is what I get for insisting on a flat surfaced stove top! { HEY! I needed the extra workspace!} Anyway, on Thanksgiving morning, I pulled my very favorite petite little saucepan out of the Lazy Susan to make Jezebel Cranberry Sauce. Did I mention HOW EXPENSIVE THAT ITTY BITTY SAUCEPAN COST?!!! I just absolutely love it because it is so perfect for making just a small batch of lemon curd, butterscotch sauce, ganache and well, okay TOP RAMEN! I get excited every time I use it because it is just sooo cute.
I measured everything out for the sauce and put it on the back burner and went about getting ready for dinner. I also turned on the tea kettle for Hot tea. Well, I am always burning something, so when I started smelling smoke, I assumed it was something on the burner so I just let it be…until there were clouds of smoke creeping into my bathroom. I ran out to the kitchen and sure enough I had turned the wrong burner on HIGH! I saved some of the sauce, but I have NEVER seen a pan have so many layers of burned debris stuck to the bottom. I immediately set it back on the burner with a tiny bit of soap to try to boil it off, but nothing was working. I thought to myself maybe I should just throw it away, but my sweet, sensitive son insisted that he try. He took a knife to it and scrapped and scrapped making huge scratches in the pan but eventually it looked like it may be salvaged. After getting home late that night, I was still thinking about that little pan. How ridiculous was that?!

The children were in bed and my husband wouldn’t be home until the next morning, so, I had lots of time to reflect on the day and to pray.
As I thanked God for our day of Thanksgiving, I thanked God for yet another lesson learned that day.
Do you ever feel worthless? Without hope? Like you really don’t matter?
Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have as much worth when I am not able to keep up with commitments, deadlines, laundry, housework, friends etc. but Jesus sees me through his most compassionate adoring eyes. Just like that yucky, smelly, burned saucepan, he sees my worth. He knows the price He paid for me and He is not willing to toss it. He sees me as pure in Him. He knows that I am worth the scrubbing, scrapping, and yes even the imperfections! He knows my potential and is willing to pursue me…and even though you may feel like He is doing NOTHING for you, HE IS…He is pursuing you like a treasure hunter looking for his TREASURE!

“If we confess our sins, He is Faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from ALL unrighteousness.”
I John 1:9 NIV

…as for my little pan…I love it even more…scratches and ALL! Thank you, Caleb for your Strong hands and determination! I love you!

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