Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby's First Christmas

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I absolutely LOVE babies. I remember telling my mom I was going to have a million babies when I grew up. She said it wasn't possible, but I would NOT believe her. I think she figured I was so stubborn that I would just have to find out on my own. Boy! Did I ever! All day sickness, lots and lots of needles, throwing up more than I thought was even humanly possible etc.. I was more than happy with two adorable children. I was informed that we had a "Gentleman's Family"...that is, one boy and one girl...but every time I see a baby, hear the whimpering cry of a newborn, or smell their just makes me want...a million more!

It seems like quite a few of our friends have had babies this last year and it is going to be Baby's First Christmas...including my very favorite doctor who just got back from her maternity leave. I had an appointment today, and I wanted to do something special with things I already had on hand (My grandmother would be proud...she always said you already have everything you need...of course, this is the same lady who thought more than two squares of toilet paper was MORE than ENOUGH!), I had a spoon, wire, beads from when my kids were in kindergarten, jingle bells from Christmas, some small scraps of ribbon...that I thought I had used up... I love little finds like that...A box I had saved from a gift, and scrap paper.

Granted, I used to make these spoons as gifts, but I was excited that I still was able to do with what I already had.

I thought you might like the idea for a Christmas gift. You could give it as a "sugar" spoon or put a friend's name on it or group it in a shadow box with other baby memories...

Hope everyone of you are well and enjoying this very special Christmas season. I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who knew what my future would be and that He fulfilled my dreams of giving me two precious children...I guess I was a bit off... give or take a million!

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