Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall cleaning

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...Cleaning in the fall is rejuvenating! It is a new start. The kids are back in school, you are back into a routine and the ambience outside is inspiring! {The preferred word for Fall...Autumn...will not be used here since most are not fans of cleaning. We will save "AUTUMN" for warm, cozy dinners, scones and crisp walks etc.!}
It is a perfect excuse to have your kids go through the clothes they have outgrown during the summer or the clothes that no longer fit because the ironing never got done! Please tell me I am NOT the only one that has happened to!!!

They might find old notes or even that library book that is WAY overdue. Shorts, snorkels and other summer gear can be exchanged for warm coats, raingear, and those most adorable polka-dotted rubber boots!

I love deep cleaning with the windows wide open. It seems like the last big rush before you start "hibernating" for the winter...unless your children are in sports, and that is a whole different subject!

When the fall deep cleaning is done, I try to restock and reorganized as well...that way the holidays seem much more enjoyable and less of a threat when out of town guests call at the last minute and want to drop by for a visit.

We grow rosemary that is prolific, so I add a few fresh herbs throughout the house for an extra fragrant touch. Again, it is the simple little "extras" that take a few extra minutes to make your home filled with sweet unexpected treats.

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