Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comforting a Sick Child

Taking care of a sick child can be a challenge. Sometimes it seems like life stops "temporarily". All plans and activities are cancelled. Life slows down...unexpectedly.

When our children were younger, I hate to say it, but i enjoyed the quiet that came over our home and now that they are older and busier, I really enjoy it. Not that they are sick, but for the quiet time that we have together.

When they were little, it was my chance to REALLY take care of them. Not just taking care of the ordinary things like: Making sure they were ready for school, hair and teeth were brushed, Show and Tells were ready etc., but it was my chance to REALLY care for them.

Years ago, we invested in a sweet, yellow, scalloped bed tray. It has served many purposes...but it has primarily been used to take meals to a sick child along with an antique bell and a "feel better bear". I know it sounds extravagant, but in today's hurried, hectic life, there aren't too many opportunities to slow down and to take care of each other.

When we care for each other we are demonstrating God's love, God's tenderness and God's compassion in a very real way that our children are completely capable of understanding.

Usually, after a long night, I make them warm oatmeal. It is both nutritious and soothing. After that, it is time for a warm Epsom salt bath.

I change their sheets,, sanitize their bedroom and open the windows to air it out!

After their bath, I have them gargle with warm kosher salt water, brush their teeth and put on clean, comfy clothes. They go back to their fresh clean room to rest. You will be shocked how much better they will feel!

Then I sanitize the bathroom, change the towels and make sure the "patient" uses paper towels to dry his/her hands until they are better...

While laundry was going, we would look at picture albums, read favorite books, pray, listen to stories on tape, or I would just hold their, little hands and rest with them until they would fall asleep.

Now that they are both teenagers, we still use the tray, the bell and the bear. It is just as therapeutic for me to take care of them as it is for them to be cared for.

This is how we were cared for as young children, we have cared for our children the same way and now it is a pleasure to watch them care for us, their grandparents, and friends who are hurting as well. It brings us joy to watch them grow in grace and in character. It is a gift to offer comfort!

Love... always protects,always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
1 Corinthians 13:6-7 (NIV)

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  1. i read this awhile ago, and have been thinking of it inspiring. love how you care for your sick ones. i hope you don't mind, but im gonna post a link to this from my blog =) its so good!

  2. My comment is a result of Candace's link from her blog. I love your thoughts. I think I will approach sickness in our house differently now. Thanks. God's Blessings to you and your family.