Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When God Ploughs Your Soul

How wonderful to take an old, cobblestone road through the meandering hillside in Spring.
Especially when you can spot whispering creeks that line the side of the many forged walking trails. It can be easy to imagine that those little gardens blushing with every hue have been there for as long as time has been...from a distance, that is...but as you get closer, there is no mistake that those plots of land have been cared for.  They have been nurtured...taken care of by a gardener with a heart.

What is it that drives a gardener to turn a bleak.looking piece of earth and transform it into a spectacle for his eyes...for the eyes of others?  He wants it to be a beautiful thing to behold!!  He wants the garden to produce beauty and sometimes it is tenderly thought out with nourishment in mind.  Maybe for his family or maybe for the purpose to provide for so.many others who may come along seeking the lovely or food for which they have been without .  It is his desire for amazing goodness that drives him to pursue his dream for this tender ground he stands upon.

He knows that it is going to take hours upon hours, days upon days... years and years with continual care to get this clay.ridden soil ready for the seeds.  Is it worth it?  Will his time and effort make a difference?  Will it matter?  Will it be worth all of the extra steps to prepare this soil for the seeds and saplings?  Any good gardener knows where the secret is in the ploughing.  The soil must be cut into, lifted, turned over and broken up,  It can be downright discouraging at times, it can be overwhelming, it can be unpleasant with lots and lots of things that can get in the way...but rest assured...this gardener has no intention of giving up, throwing in the towel and forgetting about the plans he has for his land!!  He patiently works what others would consider the impossible, he knows the soil he is working with like no other...he knows what needs to be stripped away and what needs to be worked into spots that are lacking.  As time goes by, some can be critical about the gardener who is still ploughing away.  They can shake their heads as they walk by in sheer disbelief that anyone could envision anything for the lackluster piece of land...but it is obvious that this gardener is bound and determined to bring BEAUTY that He knows will indeed come.  Not overnight...but it will come.

Do you feel like your soul is being cut into, lifted, turned over and broken up?
Do you feel like your life is not worth it?  Like maybe you don't matter?

Guess what...your very soul is God's garden?  It is.  He is the Gardener with A Heart.  He is the one who desires AMAZING goodness for your life.  You are being pursued by Him.  Are your emotions shot?  Is life out.of.control to the point of wondering if you can take your next breath?  Perfect.  The Gardener has already taken that into account and has it all figured out...despite the ones who shake their heads in disbelief that your lackluster life could be anything but an eyesore, let alone a life of BEAUTY!!

This Gardener sees way beyond the dirt, rocks and grime.  He sees the future.  He sees what others will see...possibly way down that cobblestone road.  He sees the plough set aside...and His masterpiece blushing and beaming as the sun kisses the garden goodnight.
And it is quite possible that the stories of the pitiful plot of land will be told for generations to come.
Not only about the impossible...but about the Gardener who knew just what to do in order to achieve His dream and plan for the His garden.

May you allow Him to plough your soul...weed it, nurture it and prepare it for seeds...

Seeds of JOY unspeakable.
Seeds of BEAUTY beyond belief.
Seeds of Love without measure!!

"Why are you downcast, O my SOUL?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise Him,
my Savior and my God"

Psalm 42:11

Your family LOVES YOU, Landen, Del, and Twinsie