Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Roasted Garlic Dipping oil

Do you ever have a morning where a small conversation makes your day?
While grocery shopping on his way home from work this morning, my hubby struck up a conversation with an older gentleman. As they chatted and exchanged pleasantries this gentleman shared that he has been married for sixty years. My hubby congratulated him and said he hopes to be married for 60 plus years and wishes he could be married for 100 years.  :}  The wise man joked with Scott that his wife had been training him since the 9th grade!  Oh.how I do LOVE stories of old-fashioned love and commitment.  And even more so I love that my hubby aspires to be married for forever...although living to be 121 is not possible!  :}

Back to our theme for the week...VACATION on the EAST COAST:  We arrived in New Jersey around 5:00 in the evening.  It was a rainy afternoon and the colors out in the country were amazing.  It was just acres and acres of beauty.  I am much more of a city girl, but I think I could be convinced that the country way of life is or could be bliss...sheer and utter bliss.  The pace of life is unbelievable!!

After we checked into the Bed & Breakfast and chatted for awhile, we drove to Newtown, Pennsylvania for a later dinner.  There, we dined at the Sycamore Grill.  It was so.so.good!  We dipped our fresh bread into their dipping oil...and honestly, I could have been happy with that...so much so that I was craving it when we got back from vacation!  My hubby got on the phone and asked them for the "recipe".  They were happy to give out the ingredients.  So, with that, we made our very own and had fun pretending like we were back in Pennsylvania for a late night candle light dinner as the rain poured down on to the dimly lit street!!!

Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil
inspired by the Sycamore Grill

olive oil {they used vegetable}

roasted garlic...I used about 6 whole cloves

red pepper flakes

kosher salt

basil leaves

parsley leaves {I let it sit in it and then took it out before serving}

a bit of ground Parmesan cheese

Pour desired amount of oil into a bowl and add other ingredients together.  I did not measure.  Just know that the flavors will intensify the longer it sits!

We served this with homemade bread and it was most delightful!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe Lisa. Hope you don't mind if I pin it to my 'fantastic food' board on pinterest as I tend to lose the recipes I write on scraps of paper and then have to go searching through blog archives. We love garlic so this is one recipe I will have to try! So great that they were willing to share the recipe - now it will be enjoyed on the other side of the world!

  2. Ann...you are welcome! Thank you for the pin, too! What a fun thought that you are making it in your home so far away! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Thank you for taking the time to leave a sweet note.