Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Use Your "Pretties"

How many of you remember going to a friend's house when you were younger and feeling like someone had just died? You went over to play and the "good" couches were covered with sheets, the lamps were still shrink wrapped in plastic(MAJOR FIRE HAZARD! :) ), the drapes were drawn to save the covered couch??? You had to play in the basement so nothing would get broken...except an arm from slipping on the cement...and about half-way through your play date... in solitary confinement, you mentioned you were a bit hungry...so you went up to the off-limits kitchen to get a snack and were given a bathroom Dixie cup with KOOL AID and a paper plate with stale chips...okay, not REALLY, but who are you saving your BEST for? Pretty sure none of us are expecting any dignitaries anytime soon...

So,give your best to those around you TODAY. Set the table with a tablecloth and your favorite dishes...that may not have even ever been used...get dressed up when your loved ones come home and smile when they ask you where you are going...blow off the dust on the candles and light them even if you are having leftovers...show them that they are more dear to you than anybody else in the world...treat them like they are Gold!

Last year my mom showed me the sweetest picture. I think it was taken on our first birthday. It was a homemade cake on a beautiful GLASS cake stand that was given to my parents as a wedding gift. She used her "PRETTIES" all of the time. It made us feel even more special in knowing that we were worth it. We learned to appreciate the little things and we also learned that the celebrating happens everyday with those around you.

If the plate does get chipped{another good reason to buy plain white dishes at TARGET!} or the tablecloth happens to get stained, just think... you will always have the memory of your special evening...loving and showing your dear ones that they are well worth the effort... annnnnddd, don't forget your bright red lipstick and pearls!

One more itty bitty thing...be sure to include the family pet!!! Remember, every day is a celebration!!


  1. Hi Lisa, I have been following your lovely blog for some time now but don't think I have commented before but this post really did resonate with me and I would second that advice! I clearly remember my first time away from home as a 5 year old to stay with an aunt who had no children. Houseproud to the extreme she had kept the plastic shrink wrap covering on all of her couches for years and hovered over me with a dustpan and brush in the kitchen and swept up each crumb of the plain biscuit as it dropped to the floor. I have never forgotten that! So yes, how we treat people in our home, even little children, is remembered.
    I have both practical white plates from Target and 'pretties' with roses and gold rims that came from a garage sale. They cost me so little, it does not matter if one gets broken. I have the most beautiful green glass wine goblets that I use on Sundays, for special meals and at Christmas. How I wish I had bought a few extra to allow for breakages. When I found the same glasses but in tumblers I made sure I bought extra. I also use a black table cloth as white plates do look really good on it and it is so practical for family use. I did have a beautiful white damask cloth but it took so long to launder and iron that I switched back to the darker colors for my table linen. I do have white damask napkins though - another garage sale find.
    Blessings to you this Christmas from Australia where I'm hoping to have an outside dinner on the patio but rain is predicted! I look forward to following your blog in 2012 and seeing all your practical and pretty posts - they always inspire me!

  2. Hi Lisa... I'm up in the middle of the night with a congested babycakes.
    Loved your post. First of all...love that banner in your kitchen... Did you make it?
    Janna did the SAME thing framing those vintage Jack and Jill drawings! Great minds think alike! Too cute. And I have those same wrought iron curtain rods and tab top curtains!

    Anyway...I so agree with you about giving the best to our families by using what the Lord has blessed us with. What good does it do to save those pretties for some special day when every day is a gift from our creator? Plus our families should get our first fruits. I think one if the saddest comments we can hear from our families when they see us setting a beautiful table or power cleaning and they ask who is coming over!

    I would rather use all my pretties and enjoy them now rather than them being sold in an estate sale one day when I'm not around.

    I often get comments from friends who come over for coffee saying I shouldn't have gone to "all this trouble" for setting a pretty table with my good dishes just for coffee and a simple piece of cake.

    My former boss told me something I will always remember... "People feel cared for when they are prepared for."

    So let's vow to do more of that this next year! We live in such a busy, rushed world and we need beauty to restore our spirits!

    A friend once related a story about when he was a child and going over to a neighbor's house to play. His friend's Mom covered all the counters with Saran wrap so they wouldn't mess up the counters... And they were NOT allowed to use their restroom! How sad!

    I want my house to be like your house Lisa... A place where your kid's friends are welcome... Where they are wanted, fed and nurtured! I hope one day I can have 17 of my son's friends over like you did recently!

    Thanks for a great post and Merry Christmas!
    Paula Romer

  3. Comment for First commenter-- Ann at Eight Acres of Eden...it's a small world in blogosphere!
    Hi Ann... I have been following YOUR blog for over a year and enjoy it so.
    I especially enjoyed your Christmas blog, recipes and homeschooling ideas.
    You have such a warm and welcome home and it is evident that many people are blessed by visiting your little piece of Eden.
    Have Blessed Christmas and we'll send dreams of a white Christmas your way!
    Paula Romer

  4. Thank YOU, Ann and Paula.

    Paula...my friend, Kim made the banner for my birthday last year. I love pulling it out sometimes just for fun! I was laughing about the saran wrap and bathroom situation because it is TRUE! So many people want their rooms to look like a magazine. I love having a tidy home when people walk in, but let me tell you...it doesn't last long when we host friends and that IS TOTALLY FINE. We don't stress over spilled milk and broken glasses at all. But I totally agree with your quote. I love it. "People feel cared for when they are prepared for." Happy Wednesday!

  5. I know I'm late commenting, but just wanted to say that I love this post and totally agree! No saving the good stuff! The pictures are so pretty, and your dog is very cute too ;-)
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Blessings, kathy

  6. I know I'm late commenting, but just wanted to say that I love this post and totally agree! No saving the good stuff! The pictures are so pretty, and your dog is very cute too ;-)
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Blessings, kathy