Friday, May 6, 2011

A Cupcake Bar

Today was a fun baking day! My hubby and I had the best day baking together. I love it when he helps me out, because he helps to keep my MESS under control. He is the neat freak and I am the slob when it comes to baking. I had powdered sugar flying as I whipped up the frostings and he had the batters in three clean bowls with NO trace of frosting on the sides!

After show-n-tell last month, we decided to try out a cupcake cafe my friend, Linda had told us about. After all, we were on vacation and in desperate need of lotsa sugar. OH!MY! We had gotten the cupcakes to go and ended up devouring them in the car before we even left the parking lot!

It was great because we got to choose what kind of frosting we wanted on our cupcakes. Brilliant idea, don't you think!

SOOOO, now that you have the scoop, I decided it would be fun to create a "CUPCAKE BAR" and I think you would love to do one, too.

All you need to do is to make a couple of different kind of cupcakes. Since my hubby was listening to his PANDORA MIX he made HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW VANILLA CUPCAKES and WILD WILD WEST BROWNIE CUPCAKES {he is a ball of energy let me tell ya!} while I made three different kinds of frosting.

If you want even more can dip your frosted cupcakes into toppings. The bulk section of large grocery stores is a great place for finding cupcake toppings!

Each batch of frosting was put into a pastry bag and labeled.

We decided to make mini cupcakes, so that each guest can taste a variety without getting sick!

Here is a suggestion: These are available online or at JoAnns. Use your 50% off coupon and it will be less than buying individual bags and tips~

Photo Credit: Wilton Website

*This stand could hold ice cream cones, paper cones with carmel corn, party favors put into pasry bags, cotton candy...oh!my! I may need to save a coupon! :) Sorry I got off on the bunny trail!

If you wanted, you could also pre-pipe frosing into souffle cups for a bit less of a mess. I kinda think the messier the tastier! :}

GRADUATION PARTY: I think this would make for a fun graduation party dessert bar! By the time we were finished with all of the graduation parties last year, I could NOT look at one more cake for a long time after the last Open House. If I were hosting a party I would have friends make a couple of batches of the senior's favorite cupcake flavors and maybe delegate a few frosting flavors, a few toppings and enjoy the day with a fun spin on dessert!

One more thing: You could easily adjust your frosting flavors and embelishments to go with any holiday or celebration!

On second thought...they will both be a bit messy. :)

I think they are going to have a lot of fun mixing and matching, don't you!

Have a Happy Happy Friday!

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  1. mini cupcakes are my favorite, for just the reason you described - get to taste different ones! : ) this is a cute idea as always!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I bake and cook the same way with my husband- I am like whirlwind in the kith and he is Mr. Clean! The cupcake bar sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like to plan that for my daughter and her friends. Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. carmar...thank you! Wouldn't it be fun to have tea and cupcakes together. :)

  4. Doreen...You will have to let me know how your party goes! Maybe your hubby will help clean up after you! Happy Mother's Day! :)

  5. Oh, I LOVE this!!! Such an adorable idea!!! Happy Pink Saturday!!!


  6. This is a great great idea!

  7. I love the idea of a cupcake bar party! Then again, to me, the icing is the best part of any cake! Most people I know would find it fun to pipe their own icing out of the bag, so that is how I would serve them.

  8. Good Morning,

    What an awesome idea; I am sure they would taste so good no one would care about the mess:-)

    Happy Pink Saturday and Have a Blessed Mothers Day!!!

    Enjoy a Beautiful Sunday filled with Special Memories of years gone by.

    Warm Regards, CindyLew

  9. Hi Lisa, I made it over! :) And what a delightful blog you have. I love your blog banner instead of the usual triptych I see all over blogland. It's refreshing and so is the idea of a cupcake bar. If all works out I will be having a bbq when my oldest comes home in July...Grandmamma wanting to show off her newest grand-girl to her siblings, and a cupcake bar would be a blast for the adults and children. It's so nice to meet you and I am so glad you emailed. ~~ Have a fabulous weekend. ~~ Lynn @thevintagenest

  10. What a very awesome idea!!!

  11. Wonderful post...and luck you that hubby helps...

  12. Cute...sounds like a fun time for you too!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  13. oooh, i like the tea & cupcakes idea, too!

  14. Yummy! And so cute! :-)
    Found your blog on The Girl Creative ... I think the simplicity of your blog design is AWESOME!
    And happy to meet another Pacific Northwester in blogland ... it seems like we are few and far between! :)~
    Hope your Mother's Day was special!
    ~Bec @ littlelucylu :-)

  15. What a nice idea for a party!!!

    have a great day!

    I have a giveaway over at my blog!

  16. SUCH a cute idea!!! I love this - I might have to try this at an upcoming baby shower! So cute!


  17. I love cupcakes and I love this idea. I am going to share this on my facebook page.

    If you have a moment you would really appreciate it if you would stop by Vintage Revivals and vote for me. I am one of 5 finalists in her HUGE room makeover giveaway. Thanks Vote #3 :)

  18. Thanks for stopping by 'Just Dream, Jelly Bean' and your sweet comment! Please stop by anytime! :)
    Your idea for the cupcake bar is daughter's bday is coming up and i think this would be a great! Thanks
    much love
    ~ Jill

  19. I am so happy you all liked the idea! I am looking forward to hearing about your cupcake what flavor of cupcakes and your favorite frostings! Maybe we should have a cupcake bar contest?! What do you think!

  20. Just fabulous Lisa! I am a huge cupcake maker, but never thought to make a cupcake bar. I will be trying this in the future. Thank you as always for sharing your lovely ideas with us at Inspiration Friday! We appreciate you!


  21. Great idea! I love that you and your hubby have so much fun together :)

    I am so happy I found your beautiful blog...I just have to follow along because I feel like I could just hang out here all day!

  22. such a cute idea,, cant wait to try this for our next family get-together.

  23. I just put this link on my GHHH FaceBook wall :)

  24. cute!

  25. My husband does the baking in our family because I'm a bit like Lucille Ball when I get into the kitchen. Flour everywhere... thanks for sharing this on Foodie Friday. Hope to see you back next week.

  26. I love this idea!!!! So fun! I might have to do this for my sisters baby shower! Thanks for linking up!

  27. Hi Mel...I am so happy you like the idea! I would love to hear your spin on it if you do it for your sister's baby shower! Thank you for visiting our little bloggy! :}