Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Celebration Cookie

Today is my Mother-in-Law's birthday. She is AMAZING, fun and YOUNG. Can you believe she was a Nana at 43! She is the BEST.

She married a wonderful man and raised two boys. She is incredibly strong and a giver. Through thick and thin, she has trusted God with her whole heart. She has lost a son and has fought cancer. I can tell you that she has been an incredible role model to me of what it means to have faith in Christ, no matter what the circumstances might be.

As mentioned before, in another post somewhere, I have been blessed to have her as a Nana to my children, I am thankful for how she raised her son {my hubby} and I am beyond grateful that she has been like a mom to me. From the very beginning, she has made me feel accepted, loved and like a part of her family.

Happy Birthday, Nana! WE LOVE YOU and are excited about celebrating YOU tonight!

Nana loves sugar cookies and she loves lemons...so, I baked sugar cookies using scalloped cookie cutters from DEMARLE.

The filling is a whipped buttercream with added powdered sugar for a thicker frosting...and a tad bit of Trader Joe's Lemon Curd for a bit of color and a zesty lemon taste.

I know it looks like a wedding cake...but it is a birthday cookie...we will just call it a celebration cookie, so nobody will know what it is for. How is that? Problem solved.

***BTW...theses make great bridal shower favors. Have a friend help. It takes very little time if you make a small assembly line! Making the cookies ahead of time and freezing them is perfect!

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  1. They are just GORGEOUS! I love the idea of having the tiered cookie. What a lovely post about her as well. Happy Birthday to her. She's going to love those pretty cookies.

  2. I love that she is so special to you and those cookies are gorgeous. Happy Birthday to her from me too.

  3. Sweet! The cookies and Nana, too!

  4. Your post brought me to tears (what a suprise). I have been truly blessed by God to have such a great family; including a loving, thoughtful daughter-in-law.

  5. That is such a beautiful idea. Thanks for linking this up to Sweets for a Saturday.

  6. Such a beautiful and dainty dessert! Absolutely wonderful!

  7. What an absolutely lovely presentation!

  8. Love this! It is so pretty and dainty looking! This is such a sweet, thoughtful gift for a birthday. I think that they would also be really cute served at a little girls tea party.

  9. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I was thinking how darling they would be for my daughter's tea-party themed birthday party this summer. Thanks so much for the great inspiration you have linked up to our party this week! :-)