Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scallop Paper Christmas Tree

So I can't wait for Christmas, but Thanksgiving...which I also LOOOOVVVVEEEE is first. Here is the compromise: A Christmas tree in Thanksgiving colors.

This project did not cost me a dime. It pays to keep scraps! :)

Does that work?

Here is what you need:

Leftover glass jar {I love the squatty artichoke jars!}

1 branch from your yard

Leftover craft filler

1 sno cone holder {leftover from who knows when!} You can make your own cone with sturdy card stock.

1 glue gun

Scallop paper from scallop punch or whatever punch you might have!

I glue-gunned the paper punches in layers and only glued the top so the bottoms could be ruffled out a bit. That is it!

To assemble: Glue the branch to the bottom of your jar.

Put a big blob of glue on the other end of the stick and place the cone on top!

I used a small piece of ribbon to cover the jar top for a finished look.

This would be a fun family project. Have some punch and the others layer.

Possibilities are endless! What would we do without glue guns???

I can NOT wait to make a pink and blue one and bakers twine with beads for garland!

What are your ideas?

I started putting branches on one, but it was way too Christmassy!

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