Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo/Clutter Garden Trellis {DIY}

Is there anybody that doesn't LOVE looking at people's fridge photos and other interesting little pieces of paper that are taped to, stuck to, and attached with cute magnets to the fridge? I know I do. I refuse to take pictures of loved ones off my fridge for the sake of having a clutter-free zone! It is part of who we are and our friends have become a part of our family.

I love it, too, when friends visit and they know the same people we know! It always tends to spark fun conversation. ORRR, might have an adorable Christmas picture where friends might comment: "cute kids!", "I LOVE her hair!", "There is no way shehas 5 kids!" etc. It gives you a chance to tell other people about YOUR friends! ANYWAY, blah.blah.blah!

However, I can not stand clutter ALL OVER every other part of the fridge. Notes from my children {I have to keep them at eye-level to remind myself how blessed I am with them on days where parenting does not come quite as easy}, little reminders to myself, concert tickets, quotes I love, things that do not need to be out for everybody else to see etc.

SOOOO, I picked up two garden trellis picks, took some wire and tied them together to hang INSIDE my cupboard...opposite to the FAMILY calendar. I had some mini clothespins and it works GREAT! Not bad for $4.00!

*Do you keep pictures and everything else on your fridge?

*Do you like it nice and tidy?

*How do you organize your tidbits of info?

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