Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pass it On

How do you care for and affirm those around you? Not just your family and easy-to-love friends? Think about gas station attendants, an elderly neighbor, a widow, maybe a friend of a friend who is going through a tough time. There are ooportunities all around us that provide us the privilege of blessing those who may be in need of comfort, love and mercy.

You don't have to break the bank to cheer someone up. You just might be shocked to see what you have around your home.

Here is an example of what I recycled:

Leftover trifle and leftover tags
Ribbons recycled from baloons
Spoons snagged from stocked picnic caddy
Recycled applesauce jars for vases
Flowers from the garden
To-go boxes also snagged from stash of basic containers kept on hand

The flowers were nestled in the cooler to keep them from falling over in the car...learned that lesson one too many times, and the desserts were stacked in a bag...ready to go. It took all of probably 15 minutes to put three little gifts together.

I don't always give leftovers, but sometimes it doesn't take much longer to double something in order to give a little something to someone else.

Is there something you have at your home that might bless somebody? I challenge you to find something small. Ask God to bring someone to your mind who might be in need of your friendship...


  1. Lovely post on being a blessing to others - a tool in God's hands.

  2. Yesterday I used some brownie mix that I had in my cupboard, bringing hot out of the oven brownies to our youth group who were working a fireworks stand in our town!

  3. Oh Lisa, I LOVE you! This post was such a blessing to read. How thoughtful and good of you. You are such a blessing, my sister in Christ : ) Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family!

    Love, Laura