Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Soda Fountain Gift

How many of you remember the craze of Soda Fountains? Raspberry Flips, Pink Sodas and Patio Punch Soda's were all the rage. Well, here is a fun, frugal way to give an Italian Cream Soda to go as a gift.

This can be given as a shower gift, a graduation gift {teenagers love these!}, a birthday gift, a teachers gift etc.

They are great baby shower gifts as well. It is fun for the Momma-to-be to be able to take something home for the rest of the family or hubby to enjoy as well. You could even include a gift certificate for a pizza to be enjoyed on a day where cooking is not at the top of the "to do" list.

These Italian Cream Soda gifts are very fun to embelish. You can use colors or a theme to customize the gift.

As mentioned before we are talking FRUGAL, so I made mine for under $10.00.
white gift bag: .79 {Party Depot}
2 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper: $1.00 {Paper Zone}
napkins: $1.00
straws: $1.00 at the Dollar Store {on hand}
cups: $1.00 {the Dollar Store}
Torani Syrup: $3.99 {Cash-n-Carry}
Club Soda: .87 with deposit {Winco}

Ribbon I had on hand.


Club Soda:
Cut scrapbook paper into 6x6 square.
Remove label from Club Soda.
Glue 6x6 sheet on to Club Soda bottle being sure to cover any leftover residue from original label.

Drink Tags:
Use any size craft punch and punch drink tags out of scrap paper from cutting down your 6x6 sheet of paper.
Punch a small hole with a regular sized hole punch for straw.

Place a handful of straws into standard cellophane bag or tie together with ribbon.

Italian Cream Soda Label:
Cut second sheet of 12x12 paper into 8 1/2X11.
Print label with Italian Soda directions.

I put enough for 8 into each package, but always more straws. They are inexpensive and fun to have extras. Can one ever have too many straws?

Suggestions if you are NOT on a budget:

*Add a glass straw dispenser with colorful straws.

*Add cookies or biscotti to carry the Italian theme.

*Add an ISI whipped cream get the idea!

For Christmas: make it fancy with silver and gold decorations.

For a whimsical Christmas gift, you could include red and white striped straws, napkins and homemade biscotti etc. HAVE FUN!


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