Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Senior Mom's Luncheon {part two}

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About five years ago we switched schools for both of our children. Our daughter had been with most of her friends since kindergarden and a few of them attended the same preschool. After picking her up from school on the last day of her seventh grade year...she just did not look like "my girl". Her eyes had lost their sparkle and the inner joy that used to just radiate from within was gone. I am sure it had been coming on for a long time, but I think God just let me have a glimpse that day of what was going on. I called my hubby immediately and I knew we had to do something drastic and he had the EXACT same feeling. To make a very long story short, we cut off all ties and let then have a "fresh start".

At the end of the following school year, I was talking to my hubby and my heart was so full of gratitude that the Lord had provided our daughter with such Godly friends who took her in and accepted her and blessed our our whole family with their friendships. Not only had her friends become a part of our family, but the parents had extended so much care and love toward our daughter. So, with a grateful heart for our new friends I decided to plan a mom's luncheon with all of the moms and the daughters from her class.

So fast forward four years...we have all been planning graduation details via phone, email, meetings etc. and I thought I would plan a luncheon for the Mommas and have one last time all together before it gets CRAZY!

The invites were sent out in March because I knew calendars were already filling up. So, that was nice to get them delivered early.

The decorations will be used for four more events {mother's day luncheon, a baby shower, a graduation party and borrowed by a friend for another luncheon}!

The menu was simple. Everything was made ahead of time, and my Momma and twinsie showed up an hour before to serve. They took care of the counters kept things tidy during the party and even snuck out to the deck to enjoy their lunch!

I was debating what I should do for party favors {I don't know why that is my favorite detail??} I kept going back and forth. I was going to make bird cookies, but I wanted something a bit more sentimental.

I remembered the letters I had received from my parents when I went off to college. They were so nice to look at. I would read them over and over again. I know I love to get notes and I KNOW my children love notes...because they save them! So, I decided to send home a little package home with each of the mom's to write a letter to their senior.

I cut sheets of cardstock into 4x6 cards. Put each card into a waxed cookie bag {CASH AND CARRY}, tied it with a piece of yellow DIVINE TWINE and made tags on yellow cardstock with "I LOVE YOU" printed on it. Simple, yet meaningful...no calories for the Mommas and a priceless gift to be given to their children.


  1. This is a really sweet idea! I love the colors of the cards. It will be something that the girls can look at when they are in college and so far away. A little piece of home that they can be comforted by.

  2. Fun to read details about what you told me you did when we chatted at church. What great ideas. I feel inspired. Maybe I'll try to do something like that... just like I took your mother-daughter brunch idea. --Rose