Tuesday, March 9, 2010



I could not resist showing you the bouquet my mom brought over to me last night. It is so full of Spring! Have you ever seen a more yellow daffodilly? If you don't have any yellow out in your home...go find some. It will cheer you for sure and it will make you feel like Spring is already here...I can't wait for 11 more days anyway!

Here are some "yellow" ideas:

Yellow flowers if you have them

Go buy a spool of yellow ribbon...less than $2.00 using a 40% coupon at Michaels or JoAnns...and put it behind pictures or glue gun it to the frame. Tie it around a plant or around the towels in your bathroom!

Paint some wooden clothespins yellow and hang a few favorite pictures on string.

Make a tall...very TALL Italian Banana Cream Soda and stick a YELLOW straw in it.

Buy a lemon and make homemade lemonade.

Make two loaves of banana bread. Keep one for yourself and have fun giving one away...don't forget to wrap it with a yellow ribbon.

If this sounds too ridiculous, set your yellow butter out on a dish or leave your yellow mustard out on the counter AFTER MAKING the kids sandwiches...I am telling you...you are going to be one HAPPY camper!
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